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CS Edu U

CS Edu U is a well-established college that has provided comprehensive coaching and tutoring services for senior high school students to get admission into top Universities. CS Edu U offers broad spectrum of education learning programs, resources and materials to students thereby enhancing their opportunities for learning so that they can reach their highest potential.


CS Edu U understands the importance of getting an outstanding ATAR. We promise to bring you one step further than everyone else.


Theory Classes are essential to enhance our students’ understanding of about all the basic concepts. Students are given clear examples to learn in the most effective way to tackle exam-style questions.

Homework is an after-class exercise which encourages students to absorb the knowledge that they have learned in class and keep their work up-to-date. Intensive

Tutorials are designed to ensure that our students have indeed understood all the basic concepts and details in class and are on the right track. Students will develop problem solving skills and familiarise themselves with essential exam techniques.


Study resources such as textbooks will help you get prepared for HSC and allow you to study in an efficient way. CS Edu U will help supporting your learning with a range of resources to get you ready for success.

We have published a range of textbooks, past papers and supplementary exercises to assist students in learning. Every subject has support materials available that include textbook, homework, assessment tasks and our Learning Management System.

CS Edu U offers a range of multimedia form of learning for our students.

All our courses are taught by experienced, qualified teachers who are passionate and expert in teaching. CS Edu U offers a unique and supportive which stimulates students to enjoy lifetime discovery learning. Our teachers and tutors are carefully selected with extensive teaching experience; who have not only excelled in their HSC but also undertake a set of training programs.