Think Lab

Think Lab

Think Lab has brought innovation to the education industry. We have developed our unique Learning Management System (LMS) and Marking System. Think Lab focus on supplying and delivering educational content and solution across from Kindy to University in digital form.

Think Lab is the sister company of CS Education, the world’s leading education company, offering collaborative teaching and learning solution for campus or school, blended learning class and online.


  • OMR (Optical Marking Recognition)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • ePublishing
  • Digital Contents
  • Education Solution

We are the first company to develop the innovative Optical Marking Recognition (OMR) software. Our OMR software has revolutionised the Marking Process. This software reads image files created by network multi-function copy machines, printers and other scanners.

Benefits of using the software include

  • Time : Fast and efficient way to grade students’ tests.
  • Cost : Reduces costs associated with equipment, materials and labour.
  • Quality and Accuracy : Increase accuracy of the test grading process by reducing human error. (0.000000% error)
  • Convenience / Flexibility : Marking can be done anytime and at any location.
  • No Special / Technical Skills Needed : Anyone can use our software.

Adoptable Area

  • Education
  • Research
  • Health Care
  • Business Administration
  • Conferences and events

We provide best class of learning material and curriculum. We offer ‘the right tutoring at the right level’ with an innovated on/offline integrated blended learning system. We select and train the most dedicated and intelligent tutors to maintain an extremely high standard of tuition.