Online Learning

Connected School is well equipped to offer students a range of online lessons and practise tests


  • All materials and tutorial help
  • Online lectures – see the lesson taught as if you were in the classroom
  • Online homework with immediate results and review of answers
  • Marking of any writing exercises
  • Regular topic tests and class tests
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Homework help class either online or in college

CS online program has been designed for students who can not undertake face to face study. CS online program provides a unique opportunity to such student to study online using our lessons and test materials wherever they want at their convenience. When they need help in learning they can correspond with our ready to help teachers.

Learn through the online lectures at home using the same materials as college students and taking the same topic and class tests.

Just visit our online school.

At CS Education, we are at the forefront of innovation and growth. We have invested in state of the art technology to offer our students the option to access quality study resources and qualified teachers from the comfort of your home.

We have launched LIVE Online Classes where students can log into their classroom and gain full access to a LIVE class with their teacher.